Costume Parade and Competition

CHECK IN: 4:00pm

Participants can check in at the parking lot of the wellness center. Participants will walk around the trail of Magnolia Lake while maintaining social distance protocols.  No vulgar or inappropriate costumes will be tolerated.

Starts: 5:00pm

Costume parade begins at 5:00pm. Spectators can line up around Magnolia Lake to see the parade.  


Please fill out the form on this page. Participants are allowed to walk or bike down the path and are encouraged to dress up in a costume. Participants are expected to show up at 4:00pm to check in at the Reynold's Wellness Center parking lot. The parade will circle around Magnolia Lake. The end of the parade will be back at the parking lot. 


Toddler (1-3 years old)

Child (4-10 years old)

Tween (11-14 years old)

Teenager (15-17 years old)

Adults (18 and up)

Group Costumes




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