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Pay $25 cash or check at the Reynolds Wellness Center. Make checks payable to "WCMA".

Admission fee for this course is $25. Please make payment by October 24th.


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About the Instructor

Kyle Craig has thirty two years of training in traditional martial arts and holds a third degree black belt in Bushido Kai Karate. In the American Bushido Kai Karate Association, he has 19 national championship titles including five black belt heavy-weight championships.  Kyle has been teaching traditional martial arts for nineteen years and has owned his own school since 2012. In February of 2017, Kyle was asked by the leadership of ABKA to participate in Krav Maga training, with the Krav Maga Association, to be an instructor for the entire karate association. He was awarded his Level 1 Instructors Certification by the Krav Maga Association in 2017.  Through 2022, he has continued his training with the Krav Maga Association and has been awarded his Level 2, and Level 3, and Expert Instructors Certifications along with Active Shooter Response Certification. Kyle attended the Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Courses in July of 2018 and July of 2021 that was taught through the Krav Maga Association by Tactical Training Options. During this training, he was awarded his CLEET certified Advanced Defensive Tactics Instructors Certification. All of Kyle’s Krav Maga training has been directly under the instruction of Professor Marty Cale (founder of the Krav Maga Association) along with his assistant instructors.  In July of 2021 Kyle was inducted in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Combatives Instructors Of the Year.

Why choose Krav Maga and why choose me as your tactical defense instructors?

  • Krav Maga is the official hand to hand combat and self defense system of the Israeli Military. Its brutal and effective techniques are focused solely on real world situations.


  • Our association is quickly becoming the MOST sought after Krav Maga Association in the world. We are free of politics and teach the MOST AUTHENTIC KRAV MAGA techniques as taught by the Israeli Defense Forces.


  • Our Chief Instructor Marty Cale, oversees and regulates to ensure all techniques and teaching skills are authentic


  • Professor Marty Cale has trained in Israel numerous of times directly under Ran Nakash, (the former Chief Commander of the IDF), Danny Netzer (the current Chief Commander of the IDF), and Itay Danenberg, the Head Instructor in the IDF


  • Our program is simple, devastatingly effective and modern. It incorporates the most advanced and proven training and fighting methods, developed and battle tested in the IDF.


  • We believe that training in Krav Maga will make you fitter, tougher, and better prepared to fight in all situations.


  • In a world that is saturated with Krav Maga instructors, the KMA instructor team stands apart. The years of experience our trainers have in Krav Maga and our experience training with the Commanders and Head Instructors of the IDF is second to none. Very few Krav Maga instructors today can claim that they are trained by the same instructors who certify the Krav Maga trainers in the Israeli Military.

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