Jeepers Creepers Car Show


You are invited to see some of America's best American muscles through jeeps and trucks.Come see who wins the Big Ol' Beast award or the muddiest award. 


Please fill out the form on this page. You will be sent more information through email. Participants are expected to show up at 4pm for check in and stay until 7:30pm.


Big Ol' Beast - the biggest vehicle

Dirt Bag - the muddiest vehicle

Topless - the best looking vehicle going topless

Pavement Princess - the prettiest stock vehicle

Classy Not Trashy - the best themed vehicle

The Survivor - the oldest vehicle

Ridin' Low - the lowest vehicle


Winners have a choice of different awards when they win. 

The choices are as followed:

-Monthly Pass At Reynold's Wellness Center

-Free Camping at Sportsman Lake (2 day)

-Free  Boating at Sportsman Lake (2 day)