Pumpkin Decorating Contest


Please fill out the form on this page. You will be sent more information through email. Participants are expected to check in with their decorated pumpkin by 4pm at the Wellness Center.


  • Participants must provide their own pumpkin.

  • All contestants must register the decorated pumpkin through the online form.

  • Registry for pumpkins starts at 4pm. Each pumpkin will be given a number at registry.

  • Pumpkins must be decorated and/or carved and finished at home and brought to registration site completed.

  • Pumpkins must have a title.

  • Participants may glue or pin objects, paper, and material to pumpkin; you may cut designs into pumpkin surface, dress them up or draw or paint on surface.

  • Participants pick up your pumpkin after prizes are awarded or leave for display.




Most Unusual

Best of Show



Ingenious Use of Pumpkin

Quality of Work

Suitability of the Title

Quality of Work (According to Participant's Age)