Pumpkin Derby


Please fill out the form on this page. You will be sent more information through email. Participants are expected to check in at 5:30pm with the racing pumpkin.


  • Pumpkin Derby Racers must provide their own pumpkin.

  • Pumpkin Derby Racers must be crafted using a single, whole pumpkin. (While it may be hollowed out, it must retain its pumpkin shape.)

  • Pumpkin Derby Racers must be created by inserting two independent axles through the pumpkin, with wheels attached to the axles.

  • Pumpkin Derby Racers shall not attach pumpkins onto a prefabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, tonka truck, etc.).

  • The total weight of a Pumpkin Derby Racer (pumpkin, decorations, wheels, etc.) cannot exceed 25 pounds. Your pumpkin racer will be weighed before it’s allowed to race.

  • Your pumpkin cannot exceed a width of 20 inches. 

  • No explosives or pyrotechnics will be allowed.

Construction Tips

  • Start with a single pumpkin.

  • You can hollow out your pumpkin just like a Jack-o-lantern, BUT do not cut or drill holes in your pumpkin TOO soon as it will rot! The closer to the Derby you start, the better.

  • Select your wheel and axle type.

  • Drill holes through the pumpkin to insert your axles. Properly align them as much as possible and ensure they are low enough on your pumpkin to allow adequate ground clearance for any bumps and dips once the wheels are on.

  • Decorate at will! One of the best parts of the Pumpkin Derby is all the creativity on display, so go for it!The crowd favorites are often not the fastest ones but the most fun and creative ones. If you can’t win, LOSE WITH STYLE!

  • •Attach the wheels and give it a test run to make sure they spin freely... and that it goes STRAIGHT when they do



First and second place winners will win a Fire & Police Department Birthday Party!