Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest


Please fill out the form on this page. You will be sent more information through email. Participants are expected to check in at 6:00 behind the wellness center. The contest will start right before the movie in the park.


  • Each contestant will be given a whole pumpkin pie.

  • You may use your hands throughout the entire contest (eating utensils are not allowed).

  • Pumpkin Palooza will provide one bottle of water.

  • The first person to eat the entire pie, including the crust, will be declared the winner. If no one has eaten the entire pie within a 5-minute period, the person who has consumed the most pie will be declared the winner.

  • In case of a “tie”, the audience will be asked to determine the winner by cheering. Whoever received the loudest cheers will be declared the winner.

  • A contestant will be disqualified should he or she be unable to keep the pie down.




First and Second place winners have a choice of different awards when they win. 

The choices are as followed:

-Community Room Rental

-RWC Room Rental