Opening RWC After Covid-19

RWC Covid-19 Protocols

Reynolds Wellness Center returns to normal operating conditions with a few safety modifications

We’ve transitioned through our re-opening phases with caution and are very thankful for our members who have stayed and helped us through the process.  We are continuing to monitor our safety plan and evaluate which safeguards work best for our clients and community.    


We’re returning to normal operating conditions with the following modifications.  We’re asking…..

1.  Clients who have had any symptoms of sickness, fever in excess of 100.5F or those associated with Covid-19 to remain outside our facility.

2.  Clients are asked to maintain a social distance as they feel comfortable.  Masks are not required but encouraged for those that desire to wear them. 

3.  In our weight and cardio area, clients are asked to consider social distancing by using “every other machine” when possible.


4.  We will continue to close the weight and cardio area for specialized cleaning for 20 minutes each day at 7:40am, 11:40am, and 3:40pm.  (Members are asked to use another part of our facility during this short time). 


5.  Basketball courts, children’s play feature, and rentals are open without restrictions.


6.  Our normal operating hours resume on Monday, June 15th.  (Monday thru Thursday, 5am – 9pm, Friday, 5am -8pm, Saturday, 8am-6pm, and Sunday, 1-5pm.)


7.  Our Covid-19 modifications are as follows:


     a.  Our showers are open for your use.  We’re asking clients to provide their own towels.


     b.  We will continue to check-in all clients and visitors without a vein scan.


     c.  Our childcare operation will remain closed for the present time.


8.  Rules for Children:


     a.  Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied and remain under the supervision of an adult over the age of 16.


     b.  Youth between the ages of 13 and 16 may utilize the center alone; provided a parent or guardian has signed a permission form indicting that the youth is authorized to be alone, understands the facility rules and will limit their visit to 2 hours. .

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