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Members and non-members are able to rent out the facility. The following are the guidelines for renting space in the Reynold's Wellness Center. For inquiries, please contact or call 405-220-4207.

  • There is a $50 per room non-refundable set-up fee for the 1st room and $25 for each additional room as a booking/set up fee is required to book all rentals. 

  • All rentals must be paid in full no later than 14 days prior to rental date. Additionally, a $75 damage/cleanup deposit is required. This may be cash or check and returned following the rental if cleaning requirements are met. Alcohol deposit is $200. 


  • Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for damages, even above any deposited amount.


  • Deposits can be accepted in the form of check, debit/credit card or cash payments


  • Allow up to 30 days for return of deposit


  • Renter may not collect fees without approval of the Wellness Center Facility Manager. If money is collected, there will be a 15% charge for all monies collected. There is a $50 minimum.

  • Renter agrees to leave area rented in as good or better condition than found.

  • Rental times include a 30 minute set-up.  Clean-up must occur within the rental time slot. (Ex. A 2pm to 4pm rental allows the client to arrive at 1:30pm to decorate.  The room must be cleaned and vacated by 4pm for the next renter)

  • Renter may use only designated areas as specified in the rental contract.


  • Candles are prohibited anywhere inside the building.


  • Smoking and gambling are prohibited in any part of the facility.


  • Tables and chairs may not be slid across the floor. Sitting on tables is prohibited.


  • Tape and tacks are not allowed to be used to hang posters, signs or banners on the walls.


  • One adult chaperone (must be 21 yrs or older) is required for every 20 guests under the age of 20

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